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S.L. Bolin is an American Author, with his debut novella, Pacific Hope, hitting stores 12/2/22. Pacific Hope is a Historical Romance story set during the early-to-mid-1940s Pacific battle between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan, beginning at Pearl Harbor.

Though this will be Bolin's entrance into the realm of published authors, but his time writing began in sports journalism. For years, S.L. worked as a journalist and marketing professional in many levels of American sports. In helping to grow many brands and interviewing several athletes, his aspirations grew.

After three years of building a following, Bolin took his first crack at writing a novel, with an unpublished book, The Call, in early 2020. 

Many life changes and the re-set of a global pandemic, inspired S.L. to produce something worthy of being published, and after months of work, Pacific Hope was born.


Pacific Hope follows Thomas Metic and Kawai Mehelona's romance through the greatest conflict the world has ever known. Metic, an United States Naval Pilot, and Mehelona, a local Hawaiian cinema clerk, fall deeply in love and dream of a life together, before the circumstances around them have other plans.

S.L. is focused on delivering timeless novels and novellas, through the eyes of fictional characters, that can preserve our history and inspire the thought of once again believing in the power of love.


From The Reader

"Pacific Hope is a great book, really well written. Easy to follow, wonderful characters. I would recommend this book."

"The author takes the reader on a journey through love, honor and danger, as the second World War plays background music to a love worth fighting for. I'd recommend this book to anyone."

"At times intense yet inspirational, you'll be thinking about the characters long after you finish. Just be sure to have a box of tissues nearby, because there's certainly some emotional moments. Highly recommend!"

Pacific Hope, Five-Star Amazon review

Pacific Hope, Five-Star Amazon review

Pacific Hope, Five-Star Amazon review

In The Press


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