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December 1941, Pearl Harbor, HI

Thomas Metic's focus turns from preparing his combat skills as an American Naval Pilot for an inevitable war to falling deeply in love with a local Hawaiian Cinema Clerk named Kawai Mehelona. After two days of cultural education, planning their future together, and a budding romance, Japan's surprise attack on the United States Navy's Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor changed their lives instantly.

Love before honor, honor before love; Thomas must compartmentalize his feelings for the woman of his dreams and the duty of leading men into the Pacific Theater of World War II. Communication barriers, cultural differences, and the biggest conflict the world has ever known present Thomas with unforeseen challenges on his unlikely path back into Kawai's arms.

Through tragedy, depression, and injury, Thomas uses the memories, strength, and wisdom from the most important two days of his young life through years of an uncertain one. The yearning for a love like his grandparents, rekindled faith and symbols of hope sent from an unknown source, give Thomas steady light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Has Kawai lived through the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Will Thomas return to a romance-filled O'ahu sunset with the woman he loves so deeply, or has their story ended in the torpedo-filled skies?

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